About Us

Our Mission
United not by goals, but by actions and mindset. The Neversaydie community has the intention to unify more than just athletes, but people from all walks of life. We are strong as individuals, but we are stronger together.
Our story began during 2020 in Brisbane, AU with a BIG dream. To unite a community, to inspire and be inspired and to create premium activewear for you to feel, move and look your best. Using the very best fabrics with extensive research and testing, Neversaydie products will deliver again and again. Our end goals may differ, but the mission is always the same, Neversaydie.
Our Values
Family: Our number one priority, always.
Respect: Treat others how you would like to be treated.
Integrity: Everything we do, we do with purpose and strong moral principles.
Quality: The highest quality in all products and service for our NSD customers.
Neversaydie Mentality: Humble & fearless. Inclusive & progressive. Proactive & ambitious. A dreamer, that relentlessly chases the dream.